Christmas lights to music

Raising money for charity

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We are using the online charity site JustGiving to manage our fund raising. They take a range of different payment options, please click the link below


There is a wishing well on the front garden that kids can throw change into, however we also have a collection pot inside (please ring) which we then donate in one go once we take it all down again

Want to help?

It takes a tremendous amount of time to build and sequence all of this. If there is anything you can donate, or would like to sponsor us, please contact us

Playing daily

4pm to 8.30pm, starting every hour and half past the hour (and sometimes in the morning 7.30am - 9am). Can't get here?
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For charity

Raising funds for Phyllis Tuckwell who is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients, and their families, across the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire.

Find us

We are number 141 Cove road, GU14 0HQ. The road can be quite busy, so we suggest that you park nearby (Nash Close) and walk over.

Remembering Pam Augier

Mum was diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct in December 2014. Bile duct cancer or 'cholangiocarcinoma' has no obvious symptoms, and is often found when it is already at a very advanced stage. It is an aggressive, hard to treat cancer. The care and support from Phyllis Tuckwell is indescribable, they held our hands through every moment and we could not be more thankful.

Proudly supporting Phyllis Tuckwell

Phyllis Tuckwell is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients, and their families, living with cancer or another terminal illness (such as heart, lung or neurological disease) across the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire. For over 35 years we have provided supportive and end of life care to local people, serving 550,000 residents. 2016 we took part in the Santa fun run in Aldershot :)

Total raised to date £2,769

2020 - £775

Phyllis Tuckwell

Out first year with joining in the Tuckwell's Christmas Lights Tour where thanks to your donations we reached a staggering £775 - THANK YOU!

2019 - £545


This year we changed to support AMMF and thanks to your generosity broke the £500 mark again

2018 - £739

Phyllis Tuckwell

2018 was an amazing year for us, breaking the £500 mark meaning that we have now had over £1,000 of donations for charity.

2017 - £390

Phyllis Tuckwell

2017 was the second year we ran this and we included the newly made wishing well out the front. Unfortunately it was stolen on the 12th day of Christmas and emptied before being dumped in Cove brook.

2016 - £320

Phyllis Tuckwell

2016 was the first year we attempted a music light Christmas show, and was a huge learning curve. But with your help and generosity we raised just under £320 for charity! The show consisted of the arches and mini-trees only, with the snowmen playing the music.

The show components

Singing stars

2021. We have so many family elements only made sense to add our kids, Poppy, Joshua and Rosie, our singing stars

Mega grid

2021. One of the few props we didn't make, but when it came up for sale was a perfect fit, so had to be bought and added. Took a while to convert it from black to white, but sits well

Great grand wreath

2020. To celebrate the birth of our first grand child (Mums great grand child) our new 256 pixel. 64 arm custom built wreath

Text a message

2020. You can now text a message to our screen, details on the wishing well


2019. The new star in the show, known as PAM and has been a real challenge to get working nicely!

2 new little grids

2019. One on each side of the house, low density pixel nodes instead of strips. Updated 2021 better mount and a few more pixels

10 snow flakes

2018. Celebrating the birth of what would of been her 10th grandchild, designed and 3d printed inhouse

Door arch

2018. Simple door arch, running ws2812 strips

House outline

2017. The outline of the house was changed from dumb to ws2811 strips

Matrix 12x36

2017. Pixel matrix that allows us to do messaging a pictures, running ws2812 strips (Retired 2021)

9 mini trees

2016. The nine mini trees represent her nine grandchildren, running ws2811 strips

4 Arches

2016. The four arches represent her four children, running ws2811 strips (Retired 2021)


2016. Playing the sound are our two custom snowmen with speakers :)

Raspberry Pi

2016. All controlled by a Raspberry Pi running Falcon Pi Player using sequences created in Vixen 3 lights, upgraded in 2020 to version 4

Wifi ESP286 recievers

2016. Wifi recievers that recieve the data via wifi and signals the lights. 2021 added out first ESP32 controllers allowing more lights :)

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